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Just Imagine

One of the most wonderful gifts we have received from God is the gift of imagination. There is a Dr. Seuss quote that goes something like this, “If you want to give things that you can’t buy in a store, you will have to think thoughts you have never thought before.”

Considering our recent living conditions, we have all had to use our imagination perhaps more than usual. Especially with kids still at home, some parents have really had to get creative. We have played hide and seek, cops and robbers, rode our bikes, played with Hot Wheels, went for walks, jumped on the trampoline, played basketball, fixed ham sandwiches in multiple arrangements, and we have also found time to do a few things the kids have wanted to do. It has certainly been an adventure and we are loving (most) every minute of it.

Not only is this a good time to get caught up on our Bible reading and daily prayers, but this is also a good time to put our God given creative imaginations to work.

  • What are some ways we can minister to one another even when we are apart?

  • What are specific prayers we can pray that perhaps we wouldn’t normally?

  • Who are some folks we could call or write that would appreciate the interaction and appreciation?

  • What are some things we could make from household items and give to others?

  • What are some ways we can encourage one another even more as we see heaven approaching?

Using our imagination is a precious gift because we are given the opportunity to imagine just how wonderful heaven is really going to be. Just imagine being present in the glory of God! Imagine living in the presence of Jesus! Imagine perfect health, perfect bodies, and perfect existence! Imagine being free of temptation, sickness, pain, and heartache. Imagine being surrounded by perfect love! Imagine the bliss and joy we will one day experience for all eternity.

Now, imagine not having this kind of hope. Nothing to look forward to, nothing to be excited about. What are some ways we can minister to one another even when we are apart? What are some ways we can minister to the lost? All it takes is a little imagination to give those things that can’t be bought in a store.

Give someone reason to hope. Give others reason to imagine how wonderful heaven is going to be (Ephesians 3:20-21; Revelation 21:1-8).

I love you with the love of the Lord ~Chris

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